Dear All,

Since I changed my project layout a little bit (I added some sub-directories), bjam never returns - but when I set the <install-dependencies> to off, everything works as it used to.

I read some mail about this (from 2006), as others experienced this as well - but could not find a fix.

I use a bjam build from boost_1_34_1, with the use of Python built into bjam and the Boost.Build environment from boost_1_34_1 (boost_1_34_1/tools/build/v2).

bjam --version gives the following output:

    Boost.Build V2 (Milestone 11)
    Boost.Jam 03.1.14

The rules I use look something like:

exe my-x-exe : x.cpp ;
exe my-y-exe : y.cpp ;

alias xx : my-x-exe ;
alias yy : my-y-exe ;

stage x-installation : xx : <location>HERE <install-dependencies>on <install-type>EXE ;
stage y-installation : yy: <location>THERE <install-dependencies>on <install-type>EXE <install-type>SHARED_LIB ;

- what could be reasons for it to stop working?
- should I perhaps update to a newer version of Boost.Build?
- should I perhaps disable Python in bjam.exe?

Help would be very much appriciated ...

Regards, Dirk