I have built the boost libraries with the Intel Compiler 10.0 on Windows. Everything went fine

with the release libs. Compiled, linked and run ok with my small test application.

However, with the debug version, the linker is looking for libraries with name with a “-gd-“.

Example: libboost_unit_test_framework-iw-mt-gd-1_34_1.lib


I have built : libboost_unit_test_framework-iw-mt-d-1_34_1.lib or

                   libboost_unit_test_framework-iw-mt-sd-1_34_1.lib but not ‘-gd-’


Can anyone tell me what ‘-gd’ exactly means and how to build it (or link with another debug lib).

I used bjam with –-tooset=intel-win32


Thanks for any help,