Hi all,


I’m new to bjam, so need some help!


I have files in the project with .y and .C (capital C) extensions and when I try to do the build, I get the errors like this:


error: target { date_text2triple.y. } has no type



I can make it build by adding workarounds, i.e. adding the line to Jamroot:


type.register CPP_ : C : CPP ;


Or copying Yacc rules from Jambase file for .y files.


What I don’t understand – looking at Jambase, the rule Object should handle both file types automatically.  

I also added printouts in all rules in Jambase and found that only a few rules are used  (i.e. boost-build and

find-to-root), but the rest isn’t.


Why doesn’t bjam recognize these file types?  What am I doing wrong?



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