Hi All,

Maybe some has noticed this as well ...

The latest versions of bjam (3.1.16, 3.1.17) do not handle redirection over stdin/stdout correctly - or, this is my understanding of what happens

I have a setup wherein bjam call python that calls cmd to execute some (.bat) scripts - this is on windows:

    bjam - python - cmd - .bat - iconv > out.file

this .bat script calls iconv, but instead of only iconv output all stdout ends up in my output file; echo lines from the .bat script too - and this makes the output useless!

- if I run the .bat script standalone, all's well
- if I run the python script (that calls the .bat script), again, all's well
- if I use bjam <= 3.1.14, all's well

The setup *breaks* with bjam > 3.1.14

Any ideas? I hope someone noticed this as well ...

I might be able t provide a testset.

Best, Dirk