Very weird. Yes, the key change would be the buffering of action output. 
No idea how it could conflict with things like IncrediBuild and Python 
though. Since in the end it does a regular fwrite back to stdout.

   Well, I can't wait to finally see a reproducible test case... I've 
gone thorough that code and also do not see how it could interfere with 
external output processing... it just delays it for a while...
Yes, but what if 2 different 'entities' try to write to stdout?

All output is delayed yes? And all is written at once?

The case I have is

- a .bat file echoing status
- iconv converting sqlscripts/data to utf8 *via* stdout (by redirection)

The status echo's from the .bat file end up in the converted sql file - it's all written at once see

And now my sql file is invalid, breaking the create database, breaking the regression, breaking the build ...

Or am I missing something here?

Could the dealy write be optional? (Just a thought)
   Best regards,

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