Dear All,
I've been having trouble building what I thought, in my naivety, would be a relatively simple project. I have been given the modified source code of a mapping utility osm2pgsql to build with boost build and msvc on windows, as well as the relevant jamfile. I think I also have the right path to the dependencies. However, I don't get this far as when I run bjam in the relevant directory with a jamfile (Jamroot) like so
 C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql  >bjam osm2pgsql release --toolset=msvc-9.0
I get these error messages:
syntax error at EOF
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\property.jam:320: in property.make from module property error: 'and' is not a valid for property specification
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\property-set.jam:390: in property-set.create-from-user-input from module property-set
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\property-set.jam:446: in property-set.refine-from-user-input from module property-set
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\targets.jam:1477: in targets.main-target-requirements from module targets
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/tools\builtin.jam:532: in lib from module builtin Jamroot:1: in modules.load from module Jamfile</C:/Documents and Settings/Stevo/My Documents/Maps/osm2pgsql>
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\project.jam:312: in load-jamfile from module project
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\project.jam:68: in load from module project
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam/build\project.jam:170: in project.find from module project
E:/Program Files/Boost Jam\build-system.jam:248: in load from module build-system
E:\Program Files\Boost Jam\kernel\modules.jam:261: in import from module modules
E:\Program Files\Boost Jam\kernel\bootstrap.jam:132: in boost-build from module
E:\Program Files\Boost Jam\boost-build.jam:1: in module scope from module
Can anyone help? I am using the following jamfile:
lib z : : <name>libz <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql ;
lib proj : : <name>proj <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql ;
lib pq : : <name>libpq <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql ;
lib bzip : : <name>libbz2 <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql ;
lib xml : : <name>libxml2_a <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql ;
lib geos : : <name>geos <search>C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\osm2pgsql;
lib wsock : : <name>wsock32 <search>"C:\WINDOWS\system32" ;
lib advapi : : <name>advapi32 <search>"C:\WINDOWS\system32" ;
lib shfolder : : <name>shfolder <search>"C:\WINDOWS\system32" ;
exe osm2pgsql :
# : <include>c:/libxml2/include
#   <include>"c:/Program Files/GnuWin32/include"
#   <include>../bzip2-1.0.4
#   <include>../../../postgresql-8.2.5/src/interfaces/libpq
#   <include>../../../postgresql-8.2.5/src/include
#   <include>../zlib
#   <include>../geos/build/bjam/dist
   <include>"E:\My Docs\Maps\OSM\osm2pgsql\Geos_Source\headers"
   <include>"E:\My Docs\Maps\OSM\osm2pgsql\Geos_Source\headers\geos"
   <include>"C:\Documents and Settings\Stevo\My Documents\Maps\proj-4.6.0\src"
(some lines commented out as I haven't get downloaded all the source headers (assume that's what these refer to). Sorry you'll really have to forgive my ignorance!
Many thanks


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