We build the same code base for a number of platforms. As I attempt to make and install some of the boost libraries I issue the following configure command:

./configure --prefix=/mnt/myb2/work/proj/nc/uk/software \

--with-toolset=powerpc-wrs-linux-gnu-e500v2-glibc_std-gcc \

--with-libraries=thread,serialize \


Of course build complains that it can't find a jam file for that toolset. Since it really is gcc, I naively copy gcc.jam over and do a global search and replace inserting the name of my compiler.

Build now starts to run but reports the following error (some traceback elided):

/home/dhinz/bin/bjam --user-config=user-config.jam --with-thread --with-serialize

/mnt/myb2/work/proj/nc/uk/boost-ppc/boost_1_35_0/tools/build/v2/build/feature.jam:443: in validate-value-string from module feature

error: "powerpc" is not a known value of feature <toolset>

error: legal values: "powerpc-wrs-linux-gnu-e500v2-glibc_std-gcc"

/mnt/myb2/work/proj/nc/uk/boost-ppc/boost_1_35_0/tools/build/v2/build/feature.jam:472: in subvalue-var from module feature

I've been reading the large volume of documentation knowing full well that the answer is in there somewhere but am not making progress. I have half a dozen more toolsets to add and as always less time than I need to do it.

Can anyone suggest a path to narrow my search for a solution?


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