Isn't ther some place where i can download the boost libraries and header files for "simple" use.
I've installed boost from boost consulting on one computor then i copied the library (with all files including lib and dll files) to a computor with no access ti the internet.
But I'm only getting this link error: LNK1104: cannot open file 'libboost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib
I can't find any libboost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib but I have one boost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib.
Then I copy (for fun) boost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib to libboost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib (I now have both), but then I'm
getting the link error:LNK1104: cannot open file 'boost_filesystem-vc71-sgd-1_35.lib.
I know this procedure is not the rigth one to install Boost, but I have not succeded to build Boost the way it explained in the helpfiles.
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