Thanks a lot Jurko, you are right.

Your suggestion solves the problem with filesystem which is really
interesting case. Other ones have troubles of their own I think.

But there's something I think worth adding.
Let's copy BOOST_ROOT/filesystem/wexample folder elsewhere
and let's replace Jamfile.v2 with the following Jamroot
-- Jamroot content--
path-constant BOOST_INSTALLED_LIB : C:/Boost/lib ;
path-constant BOOST_INSTALLED_INC : C:/Boost/include/boost-1_35 ;

 : requirements <include>$(BOOST_INSTALLED_INC)
exe file_size : file_size.cpp ;
exe simple_ls : simple_ls.cpp ; 
-- end of Jamroot content--


bjam file_size link=static    
bjam file_size link=shared -a
bjam file_size define=BOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK -a

all work fine and file_size.exe ouput has size 96KB, 96KB (still!!!), 48K (finally!
the same as modifing the TOP BOOST/Jarmroot)

Ok notice the install include/filesystem is a little bit different and that does the trick
I think. So far so good? Not quite in my opinion. I'd be glad to use the Jamfiles directly
specificing some nice bjam argument without touching the TOP BOOST/Jarmroot.
I think in general it might be strictly necessary to go that way in order do exploit
all the requirments, usage-requirements thing.
Of course with my Jamroot I'm skipping all of this and that might get me into troubles.

Any further idea is welkom.

Best regards,

P.S  I am exprimenting "troubles" with my mail and
I am not sure if my previous (more verbose) response was succesfully sent.

On Tue Jun 17 12:39 AM  , Jurko Gospodneti <> sent:

Hi Guido.

> My building platform : using msvc : 8.0 ;
> I have attached som attempt in compiling some boost examples.
> Notice I have set C:\Boost\lib in my LIB environment variable (set
> LIB=%LIB%;c:\Boost\lib )
> Onestly I am a bit pessimistic. Still I hope I am missing something
> obvious.

I have just tried this and it seems the build for those examples is
buggy. Fails on both MSVC 7.1 and 9.0.

It seems that for some reason the main Boost Jamroot file says that
all Boost libraries should be built without automatic linking (specified
by adding BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1 to the main boost library
requirements). If you remove that line then your examples compile & link
correctly, assuming you have built the needed libraries and have them on
your library search path.

Volodya: Is there something Boost Build could do to help with this?
File-system library target already has a dependency listed on the system
library and its examples have a dependency on the file-system library.
Why would that not be enough to make its examples explicitly link to the
system library? I am asking you because I'm kinda swamped in real-life
work at the moment and your name is listed in the file-system examples
build file.

Best regards,
Jurko Gospodneti

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