First, thanks for the earlier help in building boost 1.35.0 in msvc 7.1 with STLport 5.1.5. I'm already using some of the libraries and all seems to be working well. However I'm now trying to build python but run into two related problems:

1) I can only build static versions of python and several other libs and, as far as I can understand it, the problem is down to the native wchar issue as I get missing symbols that all seem to involve this type - STLport defaults to off and boost defaults to on

2) when I try to set "<native-wchar_t>on" in the top level Jamroot I get an error stating that the feature is not supported. I use the --build-type option defined in Jamroot to set this and other options - example below (somewhere around line 135 of Jamroot):

Finally, and I think this is unrelated, when I build a python extension dll (compiled against STLport 5.1.5 and boost 1.35.0) I am somehow forced to use shared libraries. That is not in itself a problem but would like to understand how I can buid a dll that is statically linked to boost, STLport and/or the runtime.

Thanks for any help


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