Hi All,
I have a very basic question that I figured I might after fruitless effort trying to solve.
I was able to succesfully download and install Boost as the root user.
I also succesfully tried out the example for http under /libs/asio/example/http/server, bjammed it and run it fine.
Now I logged in as a user that is not root. I copied the example to a custom directory, copied and changed boost-build.jam to update $BOOST_ROOT used by boost-build.
Then when I run bjam, I get these 2 errors:
*could not find parent for project at '.'
* Did not find Jamfile.jam or Jamroot.jam in any parent directory
my question is, what do I need to put in the Jamroot, if one is needed?
Thank you very much, you help is very much appreciated in advance.