2008/9/25 Vladimir Prus <ghost@cs.msu.su>
On Wednesday 24 September 2008 19:29:07 R.U.10 wrote:

> I do not succeed in finding how to compile the boost DLL without embedding
> manifest.
> I created an isolated application with private assemblies (VC80 CRT) and the
> library boost_thread-vc80-mt-1_36.dll raises me a problem. It fetches the
> CRT libraries in windows\winsxs folder but I require from her that it
> fetches my CRT libraries into my application folder.

Ideally, some of Windows experts should comment on this, since I know next
to nothing about manifests. If no such expert appears, can you:
Thank you very much to consider my problem.

1. Point me at the docs about this manifest thing

2. Exactly tell what you want to happen, or not happen.
I need the manifest is not included into boost_thread DLL to force the use of the associated standalone manifest file which I modify manually.
It's easy to do that into Visual Studio: "<Projectname> Property Pages Dialog Box" > "Configuration Properties" > "Manifest Tool" > "Input and Output" > "Embed manifest" > "No" - but I did not find such an option into bjam...

Perhaps I found the file which manage that in .\boost_1_36_0\tools\build\v2\tools\msvc.jam at line 976 but I do not really master what happens in this file so I hesitate to modify it for my own needs. I hope that someone who takes charge of bjam will want to add an option for this manifest embedding.