Hi !

While testing mingw, I've hit cmd.exe command line lenght limitations again. The attached patch will use
a) a response file for static linking (using ar's @ option)
b) a linker input file for shared and executable linking.

While option a) is straight forward, using response files for b) will not work because the arguments provided via @response will be put on the commandline when they are handled down the gcc toolchain :-(
A simple linker input script containing
INPUT( $(>) );
will be go all the way down to ld.exe and thus work.
While this a very nice feature, I hesitate to commit this because it is largely untested. I've tested it on Windows using mingw-4.3.2 and linux (using mingw-4.3.2 and native gcc-4.3.2).
Since Qt's qmake uses the same technique, (and they officially support only gcc-3.4.5) it might work on this releases.
So it would be nice to separate this from "standard" gcc invocation somehow.
Comments ?


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