Vladimir Prus пишет:
On Monday 30 March 2009 16:07:46 Алексей М. Бадяев wrote:
Sorry for my bad English please.
I have my own generator (similar as headers-to-doxyfile rule in doxygen.jam)
And in the rule, named same as corresponding action, I need full path to
sources, provided to generator.
Below is text of my rule. But my code is not work - $(files) is emty...
Help me please solve this problem.

rule headers-to-projfile ( target : sources * : properties * )
     local text "# Generated by Boost.Build version 2" ;
     local output-dir = [ on $(target) return $(LOCATE) ] ;
     text += "OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = \"$(output-dir)\"" ;
     local files ;
     for local src in $(sources) {
         files += [ on $(src) return $(LOCATE) ] ;

The LOCATE variable is only set for generated targets, not for leaf targets. In
fact, the rule/action pair that is used to build the final build command is a
slightly lower level than you need. I suggest you define your own generator
class, and then the 'run' method will be passed a list of virtual-target objects.
Those have the 'path' method.
Hi, Vladimir!
I apply your solution to my code and below is fragment of rule "run" of
my generator class, those generate path's to sources:

        local headers ;
        for src in $(sources) {
            local src-dir = [ $(src).path ] ;
            local src-name = [ $(src).name ] ;
            local path-const src-path = [ path.join $(src-dir) $(src-name) ] ;
            headers += $(src-path) ;
            ECHO "src-path: $(src-path)" ;
BUT! Here is output when I build my project with that generator
(see ECHO for debug purpose):

src-path: test/main.cpp
src-path: test/person.hpp
src-path: test/string.hpp
src-path: test/tc_clear.cpp
src-path: test/tc_ctr_copy.cpp
src-path: test/tc_ctr_def.cpp
src-path: test/tc_ctr_fill.cpp
src-path: test/tc_insert.cpp
src-path: test/tc_insert_after.cpp
src-path: test/tc_insert_child.cpp
src-path: test/tc_insert_tree.cpp
src-path: test/tc_op_assign.cpp
src-path: test/tc_push_pop.cpp
src-path: test/tc_swap.cpp
src-path: test/tree_traits.hpp
src-path: test/type_list.hpp
src-path: test/value_gen.hpp
src-path: doc/src/dirs.hpp
src-path: doc/src/groups.hpp
src-path: doc/src/mainpage.hpp
src-path: include/dotconf/tree.hpp
src-path: include/dotconf/tree_iterator.hpp

It is relative path's - but I need absolute path's.
How I can get full (absolute) path's to source files?
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