Thanks for your response,
I changed comande line
bjam -a ^
--with-system ^
--with-regex ^
--toolset=msvc-8.0~wm5~stlport5.2 ^
--stdlib=stlport-5.2~evc8~arm ^
threading=multi ^
link=shared ^
release ^
debug ^
runtime-link=shared ^

but now I get this erreur :

.\boost/regex/config/cwchar.hpp(57) : error C2733: second C linkage of overloade
d function 'stlp_std::iswalnum' not allowed
        .\boost/regex/config/cwchar.hpp(56) : see declaration of 'stlp_std::iswalnum'


Vladimir Prus a écrit :
On Friday 22 May 2009 16:30:57 David Deakins wrote:
Hi Vassili,

vassilux a écrit :
But I can't build it and here errors :
C:\Program Files\boost>bjam --without-mpi --without-python link=shared 
threading=multi stage toolset=msvc-8.0~wm5~stlport5.2 
stdlib=stlport-5.2~evc8~arm --build-type=complete
I don't think this bjam statement is formatted properly.  I would expect 
that you need to do something more like:

bjam --without-mpi --without-python debug 

Actually, "/" above is not necessary, and has no effect. It would have effect
if you had more items, e.g:

	gcc/debug msvc/release

will build two variants, whereas

    gcc msvc debug release

will build 4 combinations.

- Volodya
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