From: Lin Luo []
Posted At: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 12:29 PM
Posted To: boost
Conversation: Installing generated .pdb along with generated .exe
Subject: Installing generated .pdb along with generated .exe


Hi there,


I did a brief search and didn’t seem to find an exact answer to my question:


What is the recommended way to let the install rule to install generated .pdb file along with the generated .exe file to the same destination directory for later packaging?


Say I have the directory structure like below: (the output directories are using boost build default settings)














By using the install rule, I am able to install the executable (only) to the ‘bin’ directory right below my ProjectRoot for easy packaging without worrying about all the boost build default output directory settings for different targets (lin-static/thread-multi/etc.), but how would I normally install the generated .pdb file together with the .exe file to the top level bin directory without resorting to hard code all the intermediate boost build directories?


The Boost Build documentation for <install-type> and <install-dependencies> don’t seem to be the proper choice, or am I missing anything?