I am trying to compile Boost to use the static STLPort libraries, and am having no success. Building with dynamic STL is working fine.


In diagnosing the problem, I have identified that _STLP_USE_DYNAMIC_LIB is being defined somehow (by adding the code below to STLPort/config/host.h.


#if defined(_STLP_USE_DYNAMIC_LIB)

#error _STLP_USE_DYNAMIC_LIB already defined

#elif defined(_STLP_USE_STATIC_LIB)

#error _STLP_USE_STATIC_LIB already defined



Grepping the Boost header files I cannot find any definition, nor in the .jam files. I assume I am missing something obvious – can someone point me in the right direction, please?


Many thanks

-- Craig


Craig Henderson