The normal MPI program works correctly after setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH . Thanks for your help


On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 12:06 AM, Vladimir Prus <> wrote:
praga wrote:

> Hi
>   I tried doing like what you have given below but still I am getting the
> same errors.

Please copy-paste the *exact* commands you have typed in the terminal. If you
have set LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly, and bin/boostpath/lib/ contains you cannot get the same errors.

> how to check whether MPI is installed correctly ?
> I did a nm -D in
> [pragatheeswaran@prairiefire lib]$ nm -D libboost_mpi.a
> broadcast.o:
> nm: broadcast.o: No symbols

To begin with, you have a problem with finding shared library. No experimentation
with a static library is gonna to have any significance.  Furthermore, if you
check 'nm' documentation, you'll see that -D is documented thusly:

          Display the dynamic symbols rather than the normal symbols.  This is only meaningful for
       dynamic objects, such as certain types of shared libraries.

Naturally, static library does not have any dynamic symbols.

- Volodya

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