My jamfile is like this on Windows to generate a dll.


lib  blah

:   aprwrapper.cpp





The bjam-generated .rsp file is like this:






The generated DLL gives an ‘Invalid access to memory’ at run-time, whereas that generated with MSVC IDE works fine. (This is because of ordering of global statics).

If I move aprwrapper.obj to the top in the .rsp file and just run the link command, then the bjam-generated DLL is fine.


My questions:

  1. Is there a way to force bjam to place the obj files in a particular order or at least in the same order as given by the src file list – for the link step?
  2. Assuming Microsoft published how it orders the obj files in its IDE’s link step, can bjam follow the same? This is the most preferable way so that there’s no discrepancy in output between bjam and MSVC IDE.


Thanks in advance,

Anant Rao