Hi Volodya,

On Jan 6, 2010, at 1:05 PM, Vladimir Prus wrote:

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 23:25:56 K. Noel Belcourt wrote:

It appears that both -nologo and -Winvalid-pch are being passed to  
the intel 11.1.059 compiler on Linux.  These options are not  
supported under Linux (or under Darwin).

icpc: command line warning #10006: ignoring unknown option '-nologo'
icpc: command line warning #10156: ignoring option '-W'; no argument  

I am completely confused. Do you think you can add

ECHO "this is intel-win" ;

to the top of tools/build/v2/tools/intel-win.jam and also

ECHO "this is msvc" ;

to the top of tools/build/v2/tools/msvc.jam and then run
tests manually, e.g. going to status and running the same bjam
command as run.py reports as running? Then, tell me if either
of those ECHO are run?

Sorry it took so long to get back to this.  I think John Maddock has fixed the -nologo issue in the Boost.Math Jamfile.  The -Winvalid-pch issue may be either a Boost.Math or Boost.Build issue, not sure just yet.  I've asked to John to look at it and I assume if he needs help fixing this, he'll contact Boost.Build.

For now consider this issue closed unless we hear otherwise.

Thanks for the help Volodya.

-- Noel