Sorry, last email was from my phone so I didn't have the environment infront of me. There are two dashes infront of verbose-test. I am running bjam 3.1.17. In the full download, there is a libs/python/examples/quickstart. I am following this documentation:

2010/1/17 Boris Dušek <>
On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 8:10 PM, Ryan Capote <> wrote:
> I used this command in the quickbuild directory
> bjam toolset=darwin -verbose-test test

I still do not know how to reproduce your setup:

1. There is no quickbuild directory anywhere in the boost 1.41.0 distribution.
2. What version of bjam do you use? The one included with boost
1.41.0? Or some system one (in that case, please post output of "bjam
3. Both bjam 3.1.17 (included with boost 1.41.0) and bjam 3.1.18 (from
trunk) complain with your command-line: "Invalid option: -e".

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