I am trying to rewrite a makefile of a MFC application in boost.build. Now I have a problem.


The resource file (rc) includes .rc2 file, and this .rc2 file is generated from a php script.


actions run-php {

                php $(>) > $(<)



make myApp.rc2 : myApp.rc2.php : @run-php ;


exe myApp: [ glob-tree *.cpp *.rc ]


#                             <implicit-dependency> myApp.rc2




Bjam generated myApp.rc2 in the object directory. When compiling myApp.rc2, the resource compiler complained that it could not find myApp.rc2.  


I followed the section “Generated headers” and used <implicit-dependency>, but it did not work.


It seems that I need to add the object directory to <include> search path.  What can I do to solve the problem?