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From: [] On Behalf Of Jiongliang Zhang
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:31 PM
Subject: [Boost-build] help: build error on SunOS


Hi All,

when I build the boost version: 1.43 on sunos, Is there some way to appoint the compiler binary path, how? my cc compiler is installed under another directory, not /usr/ucb/cc.

> ./ --with-toolset=sun --prefix=/path/to/install/boost
option: --with-toolset=sun
option: --prefix=/home/zhnzhong/eclair/plat/sun4v-64/boost/boost-1_43
toolset: sun
-n Building Boost.Jam with toolset sun...
my_dir: .

Failed to build Boost.Jam
Consult 'bootstrap.log' for more details
> cat bootstrap.log
[COMPILE] bin.solarissparc/bjam
/usr/ucb/cc:  language optional software package not installed

    "cc"   -o bin.solarissparc/bjam "-DNDEBUG" "-DOPT_HEADER_CACHE_EXT" "-DOPT_GRAPH_DEBUG_EXT" "-DOPT_SEMAPHORE" "-DOPT_AT_FILES" "-DOPT_DEBUG_PROFILE" "-DOPT_FIX_TARGET_VARIABLES_EXT" "-DOPT_IMPROVED_PATIENCE_EXT" "-DYYSTACKSIZE=5000" "-s" "-fast" "-xO4"  "command.c" "compile.c" "debug.c" "expand.c" "glob.c" "hash.c" "hcache.c" "headers.c" "hdrmacro.c" "jam.c" "jambase.c" "jamgram.c" "lists.c" "make.c" "make1.c" "mem.c" "newstr.c" "option.c" "output.c" "parse.c" "regexp.c" "rules.c" "scan.c" "search.c" "subst.c" "w32_getreg.c" "timestamp.c" "variable.c" "modules.c" "strings.c" "filesys.c" "builtins.c" "pwd.c" "class.c" "native.c" "md5.c" "modules/set.c" "modules/path.c" "modules/regex.c" "modules/property-set.c" "modules/sequence.c" "modules/order.c" "execunix.c" "fileunix.c" "pathunix.c"

...failed [COMPILE] bin.solarissparc/bjam...
...failed updating 1 target...

Best regards
Jiongliang Zhang


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