looking at mpi.jam, there is a part that tests some flags for a compiler wrapper:


local result ;

local compile_flags ;

local link_flags ;


if ! $(command)


      # Do nothing: we'll complain later


    # OpenMPI and newer versions of LAM-MPI have -showme:compile and

    # -showme:link.

    else if [ safe-shell-command "$(command) -showme:compile" ] &&

              [ safe-shell-command "$(command) -showme:link" ]





What does the safe-shell-command do on windows?

Does it use the %PATH% environment variable if defined?


$(command) evaluates to mpic++


mpic++ -showme:compile outputs some flags properly,


if I were to replace $(command) with the mpic++ full path, should I write:


safe-shell-command "c:\\Program Files (x86)\\openmpi\\bin\\mpic++.exe -showme:compile"