When I build boost for WinCE using VS2005 I expect the libraries to include “vc80” in the name, for example libboost_regex-vc80-mt-sgdp.lib.


But instead of vc80 it just has “vc”, libboost_regex-vc-mt-sgdp.lib.


Not much of a problem, but the auto linking directives still have vc80 so that when I build I get a “cannot open file ‘libboost_regex-vc80-mt-sgdp.lib’” error message.


I can work around this by disabling the default libs and an explicitly naming the libraries, but this is somewhat painful.  So for a variety of reasons I would like to fix this.


Just understanding the process of how the target names are created and which files are responsible for controlling it would be very helpful.  I would like to update my builds so the “correct” names are generated.


As for the details:


Boost version 1.43.0

CE 6.0

Stlport 5.2.1+ (5.2.1 with some updates from the trunk version from around Sept last year)


Bjam command line:

bin\bjam.exe  link=static,shared --with-thread --with-system --with-date_time --with-regex --with-test toolset=msvc-evc8 --libdir=lib\ce6-vc8-x86 --includedir=include stdlib=stlport-5.2.1~evc8~x86 debug release


bin\bjam.exe runtime-link=static --with-thread --with-system --with-date_time --with-regex --with-test toolset=msvc-evc8 --libdir=lib\ce6-vc8-x86 --includedir=include stdlib=stlport-5.2.1~evc8~x86 install debug release


I have attached my user-config.jam if that helps.  The original mods were provided by Dave Deakins for CE 5.0 and I created a version for CE 6.0 that uses VS2005.