This is compiling the signals library on Windows7  64 bit with Visual Studio 2005 boost 1.43.0

I'm able to build a working signals library but the name of the dll is slightly off. I get boost_signals-vc-mt.dll when I build the 64 bit version but the correct name (boost_signals-vc80-mt.dll) for the 32 bit build.

My build steps are  run boostrap.bat then change project-config.jam to 
using msvc : vc80 : cl.exe ;

Then I run:
.\bjam address-model=64 --with-signals --stagedir=stage64 --build-dir=build64 --build-type=complete stage

(for the 32 bit I change all the 64's to 32)

I've tried adding --toolset=msvc-8.0 but that didn't help.

In the build directory for the 64 bit build I see a directory called ...libs/signals/build/mscv-vc80/release/ as I do in the 32 build directory.

 - James