i'm using the C++ boost libraries ..& i'm struggling with iteration macros' ..

# define BOOST_PP_ITERATION_PARAMS_1 (3,(0,BOOST_FUNCTION_MAX_ARGS,</home/mahmoud/epocroot-pdk-3.0.i/oss+FCL+interim+sftools+linux_build.hg/imgtools/imglib/boostlibrary/boost/function/detail/function_iterate.hpp>))
# include BOOST_PP_ITERATE()

this is the function.hpp file .. the macro BOOST_PP_ITERATION_PARAMS_1 should pass the path of function_iterate.hpp to the BOOST_PP_ITERATE() to iterate the forward1.hpp file ..

the thing is .. by using this path .. i got that error
fatal error: boost/preprocessor/iteration/detail/iter/forward1.hpp: No such file or directory

i posted about it on codeguru & i asked around for it  and i got this thought not to use sub directories ..
so when i used this path
it could see the forward1.hpp file but i got an error in it in the BOOST_PP_FILENAME_1 macro

fatal error: /home/mahmoud/epocroot-pdk-3.0.i/oss+FCL+interim+sftools+linux_build.hg/imgtools/imglib/boostlibrary/boost/..: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

now i don't know what to do .... i tried every thing i know .. i even tried out of despration to pass the hardcode path to the macro definition manually but nothing changed ..

what am i missing ???
any ideas ?