we have ported a big C++ project from make approach to bjam. It works well beside of the small issue, that all compiler calls using the absolute path to the source file. For example ‚gcc.compile.c++ /home/master/project/sub1/source1.cxx‘ or ‚gcc.compile.c++ /home/master/project/sub4/source2.cxx‘. The point, we use ccache to speed up the compile times and it works well if the build is always done in the same directory, starting with for example /home/master. But if another developer try to rebuild the whole system in his own home directory, for example /home/developer1, then the ccache isn’t fetching the obejct file, because the source files doesn’t match.


Is there a way to prevent the compiler calls using the absolute path and instead using the relative path for example ‚gcc.compile.c++ project/sub1/source1.cxx‘ or ‚gcc.compile.c++ project/sub4/source2.cxx‘?

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