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On Jan 6, 2012, at 6:13 AM, Benjamin Häfele wrote:

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I am trying to set up And I thought everything is configured the right way..... But I have a problem with gcc?!?!

I am using OS X Lion and have gcc installed with Xcoce 4.1.

The gcc toolset on the Mac is called darwin.  Try building with 

bjam toolset=darwin ...

Doesn't help... I guess there is another mistake... in my configuration. If I compile with darwin, following error comes up:

isr054:test Benni$ bjam release
...found 9 targets...
...updating 2 targets...
darwin.compile.c++ bin/darwin/release/hello.o
cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-long-double"

This option (-Wno-long-double) should only be put on the command line if your gcc version is less that 4.2.  Here's the logic in tools/build/v2/tools/darwin.jam.

    if $(real-version) < "4.2.0"
        flags darwin.compile OPTIONS $(condition) : -Wno-long-double ;

What version does 'gcc -dumpversion' say?

-- Noel

Benjamin-Hafeles-MacBook-Pro-15:test Benni$ gcc -dumpversion
Benjamin-Hafeles-MacBook-Pro-15:test Benni$ 

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