I am trying to cross compile the boost c++ library for VxWorks on Windows using cygwin.
After running bootstrap.sh, I configured the project-config.jam for my cross compiler settings such,
using gcc : ppc : "<path to cross compiler on windows>" ;

Then i went on to execute
./b2 toolset=gcc-ppc target-os=linux --with-test

This was the recurrent message that I got for subsequent targets as they were being modified...
ccppc.exe: unrecognized option '-pthread'
ccppc.exe: envirnoment variable "WIND_BASE" not defined
Environment variables WIND_LIB_PROXY and/or WIND_HOME not set
I thought passing threadapi=pthread as an option such,
./b2 toolset=gcc-ppc target-os=linux -threadapi=pthread
in addition to setting the mentioned required environment variables would solve the problem but the output remained the same.

Can anyone tell me what to do to get this working ?