Thanks Jorge and Mateusz!


That indeed does work. However, my project is obviously more complicated than this simple jamroot example and that is what I cannot get to work.  Here is another example:




exe main : file.c ;




use-project /TEST : DIR ;


Commands that work:


bjam /TEST//main   <- Builds main.exe

cd DIR

bjam file.obj             <- Builds file.obj!  Which I did not know worked before


Command that don’t appear to work:


bjam /TEST//test.obj

bjam DIR/test.obj

bjam DIR//test.obj


which all get something like this:


notice: could not find main target DIR//file.obj

notice: assuming it is a name of file to create.

don't know how to make <e>DIR//file.obj

...found 1 target...

...can't find 1 target...


Thanks again,






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Hi, you can do

bjam file.obj


2012/4/11 Nogradi, Chris <>

Thanks for the reply. I have read through the tutorial before but I still must be missing it.

Based on this:

exe main : file.c ;

I understand I can do:

bjam main

and it will build file.obj and main.exe

however, I want to only build file.obj from the command line.  How do I do that?

bjam file does not work unless I explicitly add a:

obj file : file.c ;
exe main : file ;

But this is not practical to do all over the place. I just want a quick command line option to build/rebuild only an obj from the command line:

Maybe something like:

bjam main..file ??



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On 11 April 2012 15:15, Nogradi, Chris <> wrote:
> Does anyone compile a single file from a lib or exe? If so what would the
> bjam syntax be to compile main.c only for something like this:
> exe : main.c ;

or similar but with a bit more verbose/complete explanation

Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot,
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