Hello all


While I am still considered new to Boost Build, I have been using it for a while now and have a strange problem using a path-constant.

Background : I copied all my project files from an installation on Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 and in the process upgraded boost-build from

3.1.16 to 3.1.19. I do not see this aberrant behavior on my old system. The major difference is the cross compiler I am using.


I have in my project’s root, and Jamroot file with a path-constant defined as :

path-constant PROJECT_ROOT      : . ;


I verify that it is correct by echoing it to the terminal.


When I use the path-constant later in a Jamfile, it is blank (again verified by echoing it)


I have checked all the obvious culprits like a mistaken reassignment, but pretty much everything is the same as the old setup (I know, famous last words)


I have exhausted searching the web for this problem and am now turning to you folks to see if there is a simple answer to this problem.


thank you,