c:\try2\boost_1_51_0>b2.exe toolset=msvc-11.0 architecture=arm link=shared threading=multi runtime-link=shared variant=debug --without-conte
cpu-conditions: <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>/<address-model> <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>/<address-model>32 <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>x86/<address-model> <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>x86/<address-model>32
cpu-conditions: <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>/<address-model>64 <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>x86/<address-model>64
cpu-conditions: <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>ia64/<address-model> <toolset>msvc-11.0/<architecture>ia64/<address-model>64

Building the Boost C++ Libraries.


Looks like that architechture=arm didn't do anything. I'm guessing the patch you gave me for msvc.jam didn't quite do everything it needed to. I'm going to start dropping echo statements in random places to see if I can find out where it went south. I had already converted the user-config.jam to look like what you suggested as I figured that might confuse the msvc.jam options.

Please continue to treat me like I don't know anything....if you repeat something I already knew its nice to confirm that I had it right. :)


From: Steven Watanabe <watanabesj@gmail.com>
To: Larry E. Ramey <hydrajak@yahoo.com>; Boost.Build developer's and user's list <boost-build@lists.boost.org>
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2012 9:56 PM
Subject: Re: [Boost-build] cross compiling


On 10/15/2012 04:39 PM, Larry E. Ramey wrote:
> OK, we are almost there. When I execute now, it seems to recognize msvc and arm as a valid combo. But for some reason it is trying to execute the .rsp files, which of course windows doesn't know how to run and thus brings up the "how would you like to open this file" dialog.

The problem is that the compiler is expanding to nothing
(thus leaving the .rsp as the first component on the command line).

This indicates that $(cpu-conditions) isn't matching anything.
I'm not sure why.  You might want to add
ECHO cpu-conditions: $(cpu-conditions) ;
before all the toolset.flags calls to check
that it has the expected value.  If that
looks okay, you can try --debug-building
to check the build properties.  (This will generate
a ridiculous amount of output.  You can use
--with-system to limit it to one library)

> Its just my wild guess but I think maybe there should be a $VAR_NAME in front of the files ( has_icu_test.obj.rsp is the first one) that executes that file (probably cmd.exe or something?).
> I'm happy to try to read how to fix this, but the boost build docs are pretty.... obscure. :)

One problem is that you created a special toolset
version for msvc.  Just use 11.0 as the version
and pass architecture=arm when building.

In summary, what you should have is:


using msvc : 11.0 ;

command line:

./b2 toolset=msvc-11.0 architecture=arm link=shared threading=multi
runtime-link=shared variant=debug,release --without-context

(I'm being very explicit here. Some of this can be abbreviated.)

In Christ,
Steven Watanabe