I tried to build boost 1.52 with Sun C++ 5.9. It failed on two libraries: context, math.


Errors for context


common.mkdir bin.v2/libs/context/build/sun/release/address-model-64/architecture-x86/stdli

b-sun-stlport/threading-multi/asm Jamfile /boost_1_52_0/libs/context/build>.gas bin.v2/libs/context/build/sun/r




        "libs/context/src/asm/make_x86_64_sysv_elf_gas.S", line 2 : Illegal mnemonic

        Near line: "            Copyright Oliver Kowalke 2009."

        "libs/context/src/asm/make_x86_64_sysv_elf_gas.S", line 2 : Syntax error


Errors for math


"./boost/math/constants/constants.hpp", line 133: Error: Operand expected instead of ",".

"./boost/math/constants/constants.hpp", line 156: Error: Operand expected instead of ",".

"./boost/math/constants/calculate_constants.hpp", line 17: Error: Unexpected ")" -- Check

for matching parenthesis.

"./boost/math/constants/calculate_constants.hpp", line 18: Error: Operand expected instead

of "{".


Does anyone know if boost 1.52 can be built with Sun C++ 5.9? Has anyone seen those errors and knows how to fix them?