On Wed, May 1, 2013, at 06:07 PM, Kevin Kells wrote:

Dear Boost.Build friends,
I am a Boost.Build novice for a little while longer, and I'd like to volunteer to improve the documentation for new users -- for as long as I can still take advantage of being a novice.
I have a copy of "Boost.Build V2 User Manual".
If I can find a couple of volunteers with Boost.Build experience willing to chat with me (e.g., google chat) to answer some questions, I'll deliver an updated manual which will hopefully be more friendly to other novice Boost.Build users.
Please contact me if you could help answering some simple questions that I have in the V2 User Manual.
Are you aware of the web page http://www.highscore.de/cpp/boostbuild/ made by Boris Schäling? It gives a nice introduction to Boost.Build.
For me the biggest obstacle of using Boost.Build is the (B)Jam language. To give an example, a basic task like writing a custom command is briefly explained in the documentation, but it quickly turns out into a struggle with the Jam language. If you could rewrite the documentation such that less knowledge of the Jam language is required, that would be great.
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