In reply to Volody's reply to my post (I can't figure out how to reply to a specific post, sorry):

> Steve,

> there's no easy way. Things are complicated by the fact that include directories can be different not only by build variant,
> but also by metatarget.

>e It's kinda possible to extract this information by passing the --debug-building option, which will print properties with which
> every metatarget is generated. Please give it a try and tell whether the information is there - in which case it might be
> possible to generate a more friendly output.

> HTH,
> Volodya

Thanks for your help. The information is indeed present with that option. If push comes to shove I'll parse the output. More friendly output would be nice, but I can get what I want form the output of the option you suggested with only minimal pain. Again, thanks for taking the trouble to help out.