FYI.. I partially tested the predef build.jam patch and applied it to git and trunk.


On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 1:21 AM, Vladimir Prus <> wrote:
On 27.09.2013 10:04, Bjørn Roald wrote:
On 09/27/2013 06:59 AM, Dave Abrahams wrote:

on Wed Sep 25 2013, Bjørn Roald <> wrote:

The best thing is probably if someone with an Apple system can try it,
preferably in both layouts.

I have an Apple system or two that I can try this on, *if* you can give
me complete instructions and links, without assuming I know anything
about what's been happening in this thread.  Please Cc: me personally or
I might not notice.

Our common reference now is a modular_build branch in svn.
r85889 is the only commit there containing stuff not already committed to trunk.  In addition you need Vladimir's patch in this thread
09/25/2013.  This contain predef/test fixes that need verification on an Apple box.

The test case is in a clean repo (ideally no prior build step) to check predef/test results when doing b2 in status folder.

Before testing this in git layout I at least ensure the boost and bin.v2 folders are empty, predef is very early in build, so you don't have
to wait for it to complete.

Simpler instructions would be (simplified by the fact that I've checked in the patch):

- Checkout, or switch to:

- Run if necessary

- Go to libs/predef/test

- Run ../../../b2

- Verify that info_as_objcpp and info_as_objc tests build.


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