Take a look at the darwin.jam file which does a lot of overriding and removal of options as it inherits from gcc.jam. The key code is:

toolset.inherit-flags darwin : gcc     
  :  <runtime-link>static
     <architecture>power/<instruction-set>  ;

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:51 PM, tr1gun <tr1gun@gmx.net> wrote:

i'm trying to create a toolset for clang win. I use the intel-win.jam as an example.
The problem i'm facing with my current attempt (see attched file). That it adds the msvc Z7 commandline parameter (<debug-store>object) and clang chokes on it. Anyone knows how i can override the flag so at least it compiles until it is implemented?
The vcvarsall.bat file detection also needs improvement. Is there a way to retrieve it from the msvc generator?
Perhaps someone knows if clang provides a linker or should it use the msvc linker?
Thanks in advance.

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