On 2 February 2014 08:10, Edward Diener <eldiener@tropicsoft.com> wrote:
On 2/1/2014 12:30 PM, Vladimir Prus wrote:
On 31.01.2014 03:18, Edward Diener wrote:
When trying to test clang under Windows which is built with MingW,
which essentially becomes clang-linux as a toolset, Boost Build runs with
the options:

-c -x c++ -O0 -g -fno-inline -Wall -g -mthreads

However clang does not recognize -mthreads and flags it as an error.
Is there anything I can do to remove this option from the clang++.exe
command line when invoking Boost Build ?

I though there's another clang-win somewhere in the works?

According to clang web site there are two possible versions of clang on Windows. One uses the VC++ RTL while the other uses the MingW/gcc RTL.

I am able to create either version on Windows7. However the VC++ RTL version ( clang-cl ) has numerous problems with Boost because it does not support VC++-style exception handling nor RTTI, issues already reported to clang. Also I pointed out to you a minor issue with the Boost build setup of that version which was created by another person and tweaked only very slightly by me. You did not seem very interested in helping to correct that issue and I am not knowledgable enough with Boost build to do so. Nonetheless that is currently a moot issue since the issue produced a warning only ( although annoyingly repeatedly with each compile ), and clang-cl does not work with most of Boost because of the shortcomings of the clang-cl compiler itself mentioned above.

So now I am interested to see if I can run Boost tests in Windows with the version of clang that can be built using MingW/gcc RTL.

clang-linux seems suspicious to me, on Windows.

MingW is supposed to emulate a *Nix environment. To what extent in relation to using Boost build as clang-linux I do not know.

If you want to make
clang-linux work, you probably can declare a function setup-threading in
clang-linux.jam which basically forwards to gcc.setup-threading,
except for the case of target-os=windows, where it should do nothing.

Does this help?

I get the idea. Thanks !

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Hi Edward,

Would you mind posting (or even better - committing) a patch if you get this working? I hit the same roadblock (and I expect others may have also) and didn't have the time or Boost.Build knowledge to overcome it.