I've been trying to build boost-python for some time now and I am having a very hard time (everything else in boost builds and works just fine).
I am using boost 1.53 (can't switch to the latest), Python 2.7 and MinGW 4.8.1 (the latest).

Of course, I am following the build guide for boost python (but I also tried building it normally, from root directory, using "--enable-python"). So far, I got it to build the static versions of the library, but I begin to think that they are broken, as linking against them in any project always yields undefined references.

When I tried linking against the shared library versions of boost-python, I noticed they are not there, and rebuilding with --enable-shared showed that it tries to build the shared versions, but gets loads of undefined references, like:

..\..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\python\build\gcc-mingw-4.8.1\debug\object\class.o: In function `property_init':
C:\Coding\boost_1_53_0\libs\python\example\quickstart/../../../../libs/python/src/object/class.cpp:83: undefined reference to `_imp__PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords'
C:\Coding\boost_1_53_0\libs\python\example\quickstart/../../../../libs/python/src/object/class.cpp:86: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct'
C:\Coding\boost_1_53_0\libs\python\example\quickstart/../../../../libs/python/src/object/class.cpp:88: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct'
C:\Coding\boost_1_53_0\libs\python\example\quickstart/../../../../libs/python/src/object/class.cpp:90: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct'

There are too many to post them all, but it looks like it cannot find a single define (PyInt_AsLong, PyType_Type, etc.).

What could be the problem here? At no point, boost.build claimed to not be able to find Python. And I've read that the Python libraries are compatible with MinGW, even if they were built with MSVC. So I did not build Python myself with MinGW.