I am trying to cross compile boost turning on support for Python 3.4. The build environment works w/o the python libraries (already since quite some time). But now we added python to the embedded - PPC based - platform and I need a way to integrate Python code in a C++ application...


Linux 3.20
Boost 1.55
Python 3.4

I have done quite some xcompile setups for other OSS packages, but I am under a very tight schedule, and haven't had success turning it on.

The build machine is a Linux Mint 16 64bit, with Python 3.3.2 and Python 2.7 installed. By default the bjam session discovers Python 2.7. The headers and home directory to the XCompiled python code is of cause not in the /usr directory... If i can avoid it, i would like to NOT install the Python 3.4 code native environment...

Any pointers for getting this to work?

Kind regards,