I'm not an old hand at building Boost (I did install 1.55 on a different machine), so sorry if this is a trivial question.

I'm trying to build 1.56 on a Windows 8 system, using mingw and gcc.

bootstrap.bat mingw
b2 toolset=gcc --build-type=complete stage

This results in a number of occurrences of this message:

./boost/thread/win32/thread_primitives.hpp:180:0: warning: ignoring #pragma intrinsic  [-Wunknown-pragmas]
 #pragma intrinsic(_InterlockedCompareExchange)

I can't link any program that needs -lboost_thread; it complains about undefined references to _InterlockedCompareExchange.

Is this just a matter of adding __stdcall to the declaration of _InterlockedCompareExchange in thread_primitives.hpp, or is a different fix needed?

Assuming I either fix the source myself or get a patch, how would I rebuild without rebuilding all of Boost from scratch?  Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but so far I've just followed instructions without really knowing anything about b2, and I'm hoping not to have to do another four-and-a-half-hour build.