Thanks Juray.
This solves the problem.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 4:52 PM, Juraj Ivančić <> wrote:
On 10.11.2014. 9:21, Activecat wrote:

I've spent few days to make this [1] works, still have no success.
It was found that this directory doesn't exist:  boost_1_57_0/tools/build/v2
Is this a bug?

Tutorial is a bit out of date. Directory layout has changed since the tutorial was written.

Below is the error message.

boost_1_57_0/libs/python/example/tutorial $ bjam
Unable to load Boost.Build: could not find build system.
/home/activecat/download/boost_1_57_0/libs/python/example/boost-build.jam attempted
to load the build system by invoking

    'boost-build ../../../tools/build/v2 ;'

use 'src' instead of 'v2'

boost-build ../../../tools/build/src ;

There is already a PR which corrects this:

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