I am trying boost_1_57 on Windows 8_1. I have downloaded the prebuilt msvc boost library. Now I want to use tdm-gcc to recompiled it, but when I saw the output files, the name of debug version library file only with flag d on it, not like the prebuilt boost library I downloaded, the filenames are with flag g and d on them. I've already tried several combinations of options and properties like the command below:
b2 --build-dir=D:\tmp --stagedir=. toolset=gcc address-model=32 variant=debug runtime-debugging=on cxxflags="-g3 -DDebug=1 -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG" stage
But the library files I got,  of which names are still only d flag on them.
I've learned programming for some days, but I know not much things about "make" "rule" etc.
Could anyone tell me how to do? 
Thank you!  : )