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Hi all,


I have a project with a dozen sub-projects, with a jamroot under the root and jamfile under each sub-project.


Most sub-projects have a “stage” target which copied the files to a location. But not all have this target. In order to run “stage” at the top, I have to define:


alias stage  : sub1//stage sub2//stage … ;


Is it possible to look into the jamfile of a subproject and put it into this alias programmatically?

You will likely have to get the latest BBv2 from develop branch for this to work.. You can do something like this:

import project ;
local sub1-module = [ project.find sub1 : $(__file__:D) ] ;
local sub1-target = [ project.target $(sub1-module) ] ;
if [ $(sub1-target).has-alternative-for-target stage ]
    # "stage" is declared in project.. do something..

Obviously put in a loop and/or local rule to avoid copy/paste ;-)


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