Hello everybody,

I am struggling a bit with boost build for SuperH architecture.
If I use only sh4 toolset without specifying architecture, I get the following error:
./bjam toolset=gcc-sh4
sh4-linux-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-m32’

and with architecture defined:

./bjam toolset=gcc-sh4 architecture=sh4
error: "sh4" is not a known value of feature <architecture>
error: legal values: "x86" "ia64" "sparc" "power" "mips1" "mips2" "mips3" "mips4" "mips32" "mips32r2" "mips64" "parisc" "arm" "combined" "combined-x86-power"

Is there any way to build boost or at least part ("system, thread, date_time, regex, serialization") of it for SuperH?

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