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Hi friends,

I am currently working on a small library and I seem to be to stupid to build libraries. I am using mingw (5.1) or gcc-arm (4.9). The install rule only copies the cpp-files and it does not build anything.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with that?



PS: The project is located here: https://github.com/MorgWal/mw.test/tree/design

import gcc ;
boost_path = F:/boost-arm ;

    : source-location ./src
    : requirements

lib json_backend : mw/json_test_backend.cpp : <debug-symbols>on ;
lib gdb_backend  : mw/gdb_test_backend.cpp : <debug-symbols>off ;

install backends : json_backend gdb_backend ;

You probably need to use <install-dependencies>on and/or <install-type>LIB (or <install-type>DLL) to get at the built products instead of the sources.

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