Ah yes, you are correct

I was inadvertently including an entire subtree as a dependency, rather than just the library


On 24 August 2015 at 13:01, Vladimir Prus <vladimir.prus@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Steve,

On 24-Aug-15 7:02 PM, Steve Lorimer wrote:
I've suddenly had bjam fail for only 1 instance of this tag-file action.

error: target {
{ common%common.copy-athena_gui.EXE { gcc%gcc.link-athena_gui.EXE {
gcc%gcc.compile.c++-main.o.OBJ { main.cpp.CPP } } { ... } } } } } has no

This is the Jamfile which is failing:

constant EXE : *athena_gui* ;

exe $(EXE)
:   [ glob *.cpp *.cc *.h *.qrc ]

install install-target : $(EXE) : <location>. ;

notfile . : @tag-file : install-target : ;
actions tag-file
     $(TOP)/utils/bash/rm_tagged_output.sh $(>) short
     cp $(>) $(>).$(SHORT_TAG)

I think the problem is not really with this Jamfile. The error message means that somewhere, where
Boost.Build needs a target with a type, it got instead the target with 'tag-file' as action and
no type. In other words, it got a target produced by the 'notfile' metatarget. Naturally,
that does not have a file type, since it's not even supposed to produce a file. Could it
be that some other Jamfile refers to this one?

- Volodya

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