The last test in  boost/libs/timer/test/Jamfile.v2 runs;  /boost/tools/inspect.

‘inspect’ is non-starter for VxWorks; it uses popen()/pclose() which I don’t have, which it uses to access an SVN client, which is unsupported as well.


It’s a cool little test, but it doesn’t makes sense for my cross-compile environment.


(I’m still struggling with the test rule syntax,) how do I skip this one test when: <target-os>vxworks ?   




Brian Kuhl

Wind River



[ run /boost/tools/inspect//inspect/<variant>release

       : $(parent) -text -brief # command line

       : # input files

       : <dependency>/boost/filesystem//boost_filesystem

         <test-info>always_show_run_output # requirements

       : inspect # test name