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On 18-Feb-16 6:46 AM, Rene Rivera wrote:
What is the plan for the release and merging to master? There are a considerable number of changes to merge over:

I do plan to merge the changes prior to 'breaking changes' 1.61 deadline. Hopefully, I'll have a few more fixes
in before. In particular, I would like to fix OSX El Capitan testing, and also fix some of long-standing mingw
inconveniences - where you cannot really cross-compiler to mingw from Linux without complicated configuration.
That would take some more time though.

But in particular there are a number of changes that I made to facilitate building of release archive packages of Boost
from Travis-CI:

36fa8d4 When possible, directly exec rst2html script to allow system installs of docutils.
7d80077 Force doxygen to not use a format as it's meaningless and avoids conflicts when building other multi-format docs.
8849b09 Make it possible to configure docutils to use built-in docutils package.
1b1025f Make format feature non-incidental as the same targets for different formats can be built at the same time.

Hence I'm wondering when the merge to master is going to happen so that I can merge the Boost super-project CI changes
to master?

I can just cherry-pick these 4 changes right away, so that you can merge super-project and make sure the CI works
fine prior to any dates?

Cherry picking them would be great. That way I can start testing as early as possible.

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